Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Couples choosing to host their rehearsal dinner at Magnolia House are able to reserve our unique private dining area, Emma's Culinary Garden. Unlike any traditional restaurant, Emma's is a showcase kitchen that would make Martha Stewart & Rachael Ray envious. This means the chef is right there with your group, preparing your amazing selections right in front of the guests.

In addition to the exceptional food and service you'd expect from our team, you get an environment that is certain to relax guests and animate the evening. One of our chefs is present throughout the experience, preparing delectable appetizers and encouraging those so inclined to jump in and assist!

There is a variety of seating options that includes comfortable couches, a kitchen island, and a dramatic main table. Make an impression right from the start by reserving Emma's Culinary Garden as your rehearsal dinner venue.

You may choose to do all or part of your wedding weekend at Trilogy's Magnolia House. For more information on our Clubhouse hosting your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, or other event, you may always contact us directly at 352.708.6125 or by email and schedule a tour.